Meet Bart & Pieter

Green is the new black according to Belgian based garden architects Bart Haverkamp and Pieter Croes who turned their love for nature into a beautiful profession.

Green thumbs up for their wonderful career which is fueled with nature. From rooftop and communal gardens, to private and public parks, plazas, patios, terraces and balconies, their goal is to create harmony and beauty. As garden designers, Bart & Pieter work with living material and their role in the process is rather limited. „It’s nice to come up with an idea, but to put it into practice is so much more fun. When you design, everything has to be perfect and it can never get any better. Our work is rather different, for it only gets better in time. After it is done, we have to let nature takes its course.”

Our work only gets better in time. After it is done, we let nature take its course

Some refer to the duo as green guerillos, for they consider it their mission to offer a counterbalance to the raging and rapid pace of the city. Others compare them to the A-team when they block traffic in para commando style and lift a tree on top of a building. In whatever challenge they undertake, raising nature values en bringing more biodiversity into our environment is a constant factor.

„Remarkably, we are even quite closely related to fruit and vegetables. About half the chemical functions that take place in a banana are fundamentally the same as the chemical functions that take place in you. It cannot be said often: All life is one. That is, and I suspect will for ever prove to be, the most profound true statement there is.” Bill Bryson - A short History of Nearly Everything.

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